Welcome to our ACS Website

The mission of Aneth Community School is to provide students with quality educational services and to create a challenging and diverse environment for students to become accomplished lifelong readers, writers and mathematicians.
Belief Statements:
  1. All Students can learn
  2. High Expectations will yield high achievement
  3. Students need a safe and inviting environment in which to learn
  4. All students need to be provided with opportunities to learn and practice core values and life skills across all settings
  5. We honor and celebrate our Navajo Language and Culture

Important ACS Staff Reminders:

If you have been locked out of your BIE email and NASIS account you need to contact IT to reset your password.

Duty Reminders:

Have a zero tolerance of "BULLYING" if you should witness this intervene right away. Students become aware of their inappropriate behavior right away when a staff member walks over and addresses it. "What you allow will continue to happen, until you don't allow it anymore."

Food for Thought:
High Expectations = Achieved Outcomes

Have an awesome 2014-2015 school year ACS students!

Upcoming Events

Thu, Jan 29 - Sat, Jan 31
Varsity Finals Tournament
Thursday, January 29
Stregth & ABS Workout
Into A Healthy New Year
Everyone Welcome!!
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, February 3
School Health Team Meeting
3:00 PM
Wednesday, February 11
School Improvement Team
2:00 PM
School Improvement Activities on Native Star
Thursday, February 12
PAC Meeting 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
School Library


Today, 1/29/2015
High: 54 Low: 37
Mostly cloudy
13% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 1/30/2015
High: 47 Low: 34
Rain likely
65% chance of precipitation.