The mission of  Aneth Community School is to ensure that all students receive high quality educational services and to create a challenging and diverse environment for students to become accomplished lifelong readers, writers and mathematicians.


Belief Statements:  

  • All Students can learn

  • High Expectations will yield high achievement

  • Students need a safe and inviting environment in which to learn

  • All students need to be provided with opportunities to learn and practice core values and life skills across all settings

  • We honor and celebrate our Navajo Language and Culture

Principal's Corner

Aneth Community School Professional Practices. 

1.) Effective leadership practices exist in the school to monitor student safety and academic achievement.

2.) Pleasant and Positive atmosphere in the administration offices; office staff should be professional in greeting parents, visitors, and key stakeholders such as students and staff.

3.) Ongoing school improvement initiatives are occurring daily with student achievement and safety as a primary outcome goal.

4.) Communicate effectively with parents and grandparents of students. 

Welcome Back Students!  


  • Write a Dr. Seuss Themed Poem

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  • Wear Red & Bue

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  • Res: Community Awareness

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  • Dress Up Like Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character

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  • Res: Culture

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Student Achievement

Look at what our students at Aneth Community School are being recognized in:



  ACS best School Practices that occur daily.

1.) Prioritizing student learning from student growth to mastery in grade level priority skills for reading, writing and language arts/reading utilizing the national common core state standards.
2.) Increase our Academic Vocabulary by targeting key vocabulary that will be included on high-stakes NWEA and SAGE benchmark assessments.
3.) Writing- Reading to write, writing to learn, activities that promote student dialogue and discussion about their learning and thinking.

Things To Know:

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BIE Doing What's Best For Student!

School House

Utah Education Network

Utah State Office of Education

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Writing A-Z






Navajo Culture and Language

 Things to know:



  ACS best School Practices that occur daily.

1.) Teach life skills to students when they are being transported to school.
2.) Reinforce positive attitudes to students, greet our students with a smile.
3.) Safety is First in transporting students to and from school.


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  ACS best School Practices that occur daily.

1.) Provide a safe and orderly home environment for our residential students.
2.) Positive progressive discipline should be implemented daily to teach life skills.
3.) Responsibility, Respect and other key character traits should be part of the daily residential curriculum.

Things to Know:

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ACS best School Practices that occur daily. 

Food Services
1.) Provide healthy and nutritious daily meals.
2.) Promote healthy lifestyles and teaching students about nutrition.
3.) Offer healthy snacks and salads weekly to both students and staff.



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ACS best School Practices that occur daily.    


1.) Keep our campus and buildings clean, orderly and safe for our students and stakeholders.
2.) This is a place for kids let's make sure we keep our facilities operating smoothly so that kids can come to school.
3.) School Safety starts with you maintaining the buildings & grounds.